Mad Dog Jones: NFT Innovator & The “REPLICTOR” Explained

Michah Dowbak, better known as Mad Dog Jones, stands as a prominent Canadian NFT creator celebrated for his futuristic Tokyo-inspired art. Notably, his innovative “REPLICATOR” NFT project achieved a remarkable sale of $4,144,000. Thanks to a distinctive NFT style, Mad Dog Jones has partnered with elite entities.

Michah’s artistic creations were originally influenced by his time working as a musician. During his music career, Mad Dog Jones crafted album covers and posters, which served as a pivotal source for his artistic evolution.

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the artist spent much of his childhood surrounded by nature and on the banks of Lake Superior. His father was also a musician and a stained glass art professional; he introduced Michah to numerous color concepts through his creations at a very young age. 

Michah was always passionate about being artistic – he began playing violin at the tender age of five. He stated, “I am really lucky to have a family that is so artistic, and that’s what really allowed me to be confident in pursuing art.”

After his musical tour ended, where he played as a percussionist and DJ, he officially launched the Mad Dog Jones Instagram account. At that point, Michah had put his complete focus on creating artwork. 

He stated, “I was like, If I want to do this professionally, what do I need to do? Well, I need to get a bunch of followers on Instagram. I need to get people excited about my art.”

It is no surprise that artists who have built a brand and have a social media following tend to be more successful in the NFT space. If you are interested in learning about growing as an NFT artist, this article has nine techniques from nine famous people in the space. 

Today the Mad Dog Jone’s Instagram account has grown to approximately 300,000 followers. This is one aspect that eventually led to his art being featured by famous fine art auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Moreover, his reach has facilitated collaborations with esteemed organizations such as the Mercedes F1 team.

In a charitable endeavor, he auctioned NFTs that included the physical rear wings of the cars driven by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in Miami.

What Is The “REPLICATOR” By Mad Dog Jones?

Screenshot taken from the Phillips’ Youtube Channel

The REPLICATOR is a project that shows the innovation that Mad Dog Jones brings to the table. It is something that hasn’t been done before and highlights cutting edge technology that NFTs and smart contract’s present. 

Mad Dog Jones’ “REPLICATOR” NFT, resembles how a photocopier operates through smart contracts, and was sold for $4,144,000. The original NFT yields six new NFTs, with each of the six NFTs generating five more, akin to a photocopier. In photocopier fashion, NFT generation may encounter up to three jams; see photo for clarification.

The project was created from an algorithmic generator with jams being completely unknown; this was facilitated through the use of smart contracts. The smart contract code created statistical variance making the process impossible to know which generation and where in the production line the NFTs will jam (aka, no longer continue to produce new NFTs).

When discussing the inspiration for the project, Mad Dog Jones stated, “At one point, they were the peak of technology and completely revolutionized the way people worked. And now, in the digital age, they’re becoming more and more obsolete, just taking up a great deal of space in an increasingly minimalistic world.” 

In contrast, NFTs represent the new age of technology and have changed how artwork has been perceived by many. 

Moreover, the incorporation of smart contracts enhances the generative and playful aspects of the original piece, contributing to what many, including myself, consider an innovative concept.

What Software Does The NFT Artist, Mad Dog Jones Use?

Michah is an extremely talented artistic creator across a variety of mediums. His artistic style is unlike many others as it’s incredibly detailed with a wide array of colors. 

Mad Dog Jones often starts his work from photographs or hand drawings. He then uses an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, Savage Interactive’s Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and Adobes’ Premiere. He focuses on shape and color and often spends multiple hours playing with different techniques like hue shifting and using different colors. 

A lot of Michah’s work is heavily influenced by sci-fi movies, Japanese animations, and is largely based on nature. He stated, “I try not to spend too much time on technical aspects of my work. I think the piece is made from the conceptual design phase…”

Screenshot of ‘Citrus’ from the Christies website

Mad Dog Jones frequently immerses himself in Tokyo, capturing inspiration through his camera lens. Each of his creations is driven by a distinct vision. To illustrate, let’s delve into his art exhibition at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. The focal point is ‘Citrus,’ where the artist drew inspiration from a model he photographed in his apartment studio.

The background was constructed from eight different snapshots he took of buildings in the urban landscape. His work commonly reflects dystopian imagery with an astounding color scheme.

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